/ Event production in Munich, Innsbruck Tyrol and surrounding areas: Wellenlänge Veranstaltungstechnik

For rental or installation. AV Service simple and direct.

What is it about?

With light and sound just one wavelength (Wellenlänge) counts – the right one

Whether it's 6,86 meters for earth shaking bass or just 450 nanometers for deep blue light. It's about seeing and hearing.

Our main area of service is in and around Munich and Mühldorf am Inn. Here we install speakers, lights, projectors and screens, adjust volume and sound according to the room and audience, illuminate your event in athomspheric light and project information on all the screens.

Wellenlänge event- and media technologies: keep it simple.


Concerts, weddings or conferences - Wellenlänge Eventtechnik takes care about the worries of event organizers. Decide for excellent gear and more importantly: know how and experience of reliable technicians!


AV right on your wavelength.

With best regards, Daniel Hartmann (qualified event-technician, IHK)

/ AV in your area: points for us!

There are a lot of suppliers for lighting, sound and video for events. We have more to offer:

- short response times

- professional full-Service

- simple solutions

- high efficiency

- fixed prices for venues with full-service

/ AV installation in Munich, Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, and the area

Screens/TVs, projectors, cameras for streaming, recording, Skype, Zoom, Webex or SIP/H.323 video conferencing, microphones, speaker systems, cables and controls: planed and installed for the perfect user experience. 

/ specialities, if special is not special enough

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