/ B2B event production

Reloiability and flexibility is the highest priority at business events. With our experience and prepared sets for conferences, meet-ups, presentations and special events we minimise set-up time. Precise preperation and focus on the task everybody stays relaxed for a successfull event.

/ what is special about our service?


 You will always have a personal contact while planning and production.

We will adress difficulties concerning buget and other vendors while planning.

With a competent partner you will have more time and less stress in the moments that count.

/ our offer?

  • video: screens and projectors, TVs, LED-walls and the matching controlls
  • sound: discreet, state-of-the-art PAs with mixers and wireless microphones (Head-Set, lapel or hand held), as well as background music for the event
  • lighting: wireless LED lights for a nice athmosphere without ugly cables
  • Live-Streaming and recording: bring people around the globe to your event


/ Impressions