/stages and truss

stage elements

We invested in stage elements by the local manufacturer APQ-Stage because of their light weight and ease of use. On our compact caster frames, ideal for tight spaces and fast setup and take down, stage assembly in all kind of sizes is fast and easy. Fully adjustable in height and surface are precise to half a meter. With a great look because of the reusable velcro skirting.

As a carpet we use reusable tiles. No single use produts.


Devices are getting smaller and lighter, that's why we decided for light and compact F33 triangle truss. Of course all the accessories like floor plates, corners and stands are availible.

Stagesystems, trailer stages

Stages and Roofs: varieties from fast and easy to  unusual and exclusive. 

Outdoors trailer stages have a clear advantage: pull it to position, fold it open and the stage is ready.